Areas of Expertise


Healthcare and Medical

eLanguageWorld offers translation, interpreting and transcription services to help medical providers meet the growing challenge of communicating with patients and colleagues who speak another language.

We also offer certified medical translations for use by professional organisations. We help with a wide range of needs such as medical reports, medical prescriptions, patient health reports, medical journals and hospital assessment. All our medical translators maintain the highest level of discretion and handle your work with strict confidentiality.


eLanguageWorld is the company that government agencies trust for their translation, interpreting and transcription needs. Our legal translation services cover everything from prospectuses, legal contracts, court proceedings, appeal preparations and internal memos, police and witness statements and more. 

You can be confident that our linguists understand confidentiality and security issues involved with all projects. 

Food & Retail

We provide translations of labels, packaging, menus and ingredient lists.

We understand that ingredient translation requires accuracy and country knowledge. When creating multilingual artwork for packaging, design and space considerations are of major importance. Our linguists are chosen not only for their fluency in the source and target language but also for their knowledge of food and retail industry.


Manufacturing and engineering industries are process driven and require translations that back that up. We can help you with this as we have a team of technical translators who are chosen not only for their language skills but with their ability to complete your project with high levels of accuracy within your budget and time constraints. Our team has a thorough understanding of your products and technical terminology which helps to build a strong relationship with your clients. Some of the popular areas we cover:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Oil and Gas
  • Defence and more

Marketing & PR

We understand that your reputation is in our hands, we simply cannot get it wrong. These type of translations require intensive research for the localisation of key phrases, as well as in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry. Choose us to market effectively. We guarantee to boost your sales by linguistically and culturally adapting your offer to the target market.

Tourism and Leisure

In today’s world, a customer’s travel experience often begins online, so an informative and useful website is paramount to a customer in making an informed decision regarding that important bookings. Companies who are serious about customer service need to recognize that their customers are more diverse than ever and expect information to be presented to them in a way that they understand – in their language. Then get in touch with us soon, why wait?


To expand globally you need to have a multilingual approach, cultivate new relationships, introduce new services and keep a rapport with the world. Some of the finance documents we cover :

  • Reports
  • Balance Sheets
  • Income Statements
  • Financial Audits and more …

Financial companies, no matter large or small now require documents, presentations, meetings and speeches in multiple languages. eLanguageWorld helps you to get your records translated. We also provide interpreting services for seminars and counselling sessions. We provide transcription and other services for board meetings, speeches and presentations.

Media and Entertainment

Straight translation is rarely the right answer in creative industries – it doesn’t preserve the subtleties, the wordplay, the jokes that bring copy to life. Localisation also requires expert attention for success – what works well in one country or market can fall flat in others. Our project managers work closely with you to ensure that your copy reads like it had been written in your target language; specifically for your target market.

Museum and Cultural

eLanguageWorld is a top-quality translation agency that helps museums, cultural and non-profit institutions in translating their documents to attract new audiences and donors. We are a one-stop shop for international language needs, helping organizations who are novices as well as veterans to translation. 

Other Industries

In addition to the primary industries we serve, we also work with a wide range of other businesses and endeavors. We have one of the broadest range of experience among language translation companies. No matter what sector (or industry) you require translation for, it’s a safe bet that eLanguageWorld has experience translating for your industry, and has translators available with professional industry experience.