GALA 2017 Amsterdam

GALA 2017 Amsterdam

GALA 2017 Amsterdam

Post-conference round-up by Shrushti Chhapia, Co-owner

GALA 2017 Amsterdam, indeed a gala time! 

GALA Conference 2017, 26-29 March at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, was the biggest and so far the best conference I attended. The event brought together about 470 delegates plus 140 live stream participants from over 40 countries representing all manner of companies from leading brands to small and mid-sized LSP’s to consultancies and corporate buyers of the language industry. It was an impressive diversity in culture and an eclectic mix of individuals.

The conference kick-started with a warm welcome by Laura Brandon, Executive Director GALA and Jesper Sandberg, Board of Director. It was my first GALA Conference, but all the feelings of anxiety quickly washed away as I found myself surrounded by friendly and loving people.

The theme of the conference was “The New Basics: Success and Sustainability in Today’s Language Industry.” And based on the theme, one of my best takeaways is from the opening keynote ‘Future Human Behaviors in the connected society’ by Thimon de Jong. It focused on three trends that will shape the global businesses for years to come:

  1. The You-Know-Me Society – How to implement the people data in the company strategy?
  2. Digital Balance – How to get a digital balance while creating your strategy?
  3. Trust Transition – How to create a work culture that is high in trust?

Two days of the conference were lined up by an impressive array of presentations from leading industry experts focusing on topics of Sales and Operations, Machine translations, M&A, Continuous Delivery, In-house vs Outsourcing, Quality and more. All sessions were practical and involved healthy discussions.

The buzz of the conference was ‘Trim, Tint or Tattoo’ which supported a noble cause for Translators Without Borders. Over 75% of the attendees made a donation and involved in the fun by either trimming or tinting their hair or getting a tattoo.

Yes, a team that learned together, also sailed together; we cruised together through the canals of Amsterdam and enjoyed the delicious dinner at the fantastic National Maritime Museum. Also, needless to emphasize, conferences are mainly for networking and I dare to say GALA offered the best platform for networking.

As time flies when you’re enjoying and this vibrant event concluded by unveiling GALA 2018 Announcement: Boston!

A massive thanks GALA Team for such organizing such a wonderful event!

I’m already back to my desk with an amazing experience and unforgettable memories. Looking forward to seeing you’ll in Boston!