There are several languages spoken all around the world. Each of these languages is different and unique; they keep fascinating us with their own vocabularies, its own grammar and also their own little secrets and interesting facts. Check the list for some of the interesting facts from the languages all around the world.

  • The oldest languages in the world according to the records are Tamil, Greek, Chinese, Latin, Sanskrit, and Hebrew. Though there are no official records but it is believed that some of the languages in the Andaman Islands or Australia and elsewhere in the world could have been in existence for 40,000 or 50,000 years.
  • The Youngest Language or the language that became official the latest in 1925 is Afrikaans, a language in South Africa. It originated when Dutch farmers settled on South African lands, the language is a mixture of 18th Century Dutch, Bantu, Khoisan and even Portuguese and Malay. There also is the Light Warlpiri language discovered in a small town of Australia. Only 350 people of age less than 35 years are believed to speak the language. Thus, though not official this language could possibly be the youngest language on the earth.
  • The most difficult language to learn is Basque, spoken in northwestern Spain and southwestern France. It is not related to any other language in the world and has an extremely complicated word structure and vocabulary.
  • Every two weeks, one language dies
  • Spanish, Portuguese and English are the top three happy languages in the world. It contains maximum number of positive words.
  • The country with minimum languages spoken is Somalia, an African country where the entire population speaks the same language.
  • The country that speaks the maximum languages is Papua New Guinea. The native of this country speak 840 languages (almost 1/7 of all the languages on Earth).
  • Sanskrit is the most computer friendly language. It has grammar that can be converted into a form that is easily understood by the computers.
  • Spanish, French and Italian are the world’s topmost romantic languages! They are believed to have the most passionate and sensual sounds. Every other word in Spanish seems to rhyme and when spoken, it often comes out in the form of a song.
  • We always thought that languages consist of words but the Silbo language of La Gomera off the coast of Spain consists entirely of whistles.

Wait this is still not the end; we’ve gathered some English language facts too.

Some Facts about the English language

  • English is the language which has received the status of official language is maximum number of countries in the world, followed by French.
  • We know that languages are closely related to each other. Each language is influenced by either language of the world, but did you know that an estimated 30% of English words are borrowed from French.
  • Many English words have changed their meaning over time. For example, ‘awful’ used to mean ‘inspiring wonder’ and was a short version of ‘full of awe’, whereas ‘nice’ used to mean ‘silly’. Well make sure to check the dictionary before you decide to use the word.
  • Love the use of rhyming words and the musical effect they create, take a note Month, orange, silver, and purple do not rhyme with any other word.
  • Did you know that Malayalam, the language spoken in the southern Indian state of Kerala, is the longest palindrome (a word that reads the same backwards and forwards) in the English language?

Languages are great! There are unlimited ways in which languages can keep amusing us.

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