Privacy Policy


eLanguageWorld respects your privacy and security. We do not sell, trade or otherwise share your personal information such as name, email address, physical address, phone numbers, buying history, etc. without your permission. We have established this privacy policy so that you can understand the care with which we intend to treat your information. In addition, any information, data, documents, etc. that we have been entrusted with will remain completely confidential. eLanguageWorld will under no circumstances pass on, sell or in any way distribute our database of contacts except in the event that the company as a whole is purchased.

We Protect Your Information

We are committed to protecting your privacy when you use our online, telephonic and other services. We use your information only whenever you request or use one of our services or respond to one of our promotions. This information usually contains but is not wholly limited to user’s name, address, email, telephone/mobile numbers and country of residence. By completing any of our online forms you are agreeing to the collection, storage and processing of this information, which is under strict confidentiality rules. We may use your information to assist us with the following:

    • To produce a quotation
    • To process your order
    • To provide you with the best possible service
    • To disclose information about you to an authorized regulator or third party, if legally required to do so
    • From time to time, we may monitor your telephone conversations for service level quality, to prevent or detect fraud and for internal training purposes
    • We may monitor client website usage and visitor traffic to inform us on any future website design and functionality
    • We may sometimes notify you of any service enhancements such as new services, website features, special promotions, and modifications to website functionality
    • We will only request the information we need and is not in any way excessive or surplus to requirements
    • We endeavor to keep any information about you up to date and accurate
    • We will endeavor to remove any information about you that is no longer current or relevant
    • We uphold strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of your information to prevent and deter unauthorized access. All data will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy.
    • Except as otherwise stated, personal information will not be shared outside of eLanguageWorld. Personal information collected on the site may be stored and processed in our operational areas only
    • All emails we send to you comply fully with the industry guidelines and you can unsubscribe at any time using the relevant links, where available, on our website
    • Should you find any inaccuracies with our information, we will promptly amend or delete it according to your consent

By using this website, you consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy should the Privacy Policy change; we intend to take every reasonable step to ensure that these changes are brought to your attention by posting all changes prominently on our website for a reasonable period of time. For more information about our privacy policy and how we use and store your data, please feel free to contact us at