An Indian festival rejoicing the bond between a brother and a sister

India is an amalgamation of various religions. Every religion has its own set of festivals, thus the Indian calendar is full of festivals making India a land of festivals. People in India are all set to begin the festive season.

When is it celebrated?

Rakshabandhan or simple Rakhi is one such Indian festival which rejoices the special bond between a brother and a sister. It is celebrated every year on the full moon day in the month of Shravan (the holiest month in the Hindu calendar). The words Raksha means protection and Bandhan means bond, thus Rakshabandhan translates to the bond of security.


How is it celebrated?

On this day, the sister ties a rakhi (a sacred thread) on the wrist of her brother and prays for his well being, safety and success. The brother vows to protect her unconditionally from all the evils. Sweets and gifts are exchanged.

In some parts of India Rakshbandhan is celebrated differently, like in the southern and the coastal regions of India, it is celebrated by worshiping the sea and it is believed that new season of fishing starts on this day.

Why is it celebrated? 

There are numerous mythological stories attached with the festival. According to one of the most popular stories, as mentioned in the Mahabharat, once when Lord Krishna had hurt his finger, his wife Rukmini immediately asked for help to get cloth and bandage, but Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, rushed to Krishna’s aid and dressed his wounds using a piece of cloth that she tore from the end of her saree. Krishna blessed her and promised to help her whenever she needs.

The other story is about the Queen Karnavati (the queen of Chittorh) and Humayun (the Mughal ruler). Chittorh was attacked twice by Bahadur Shah, and with a hope to protect the kingdom, Queen Karnavati sent a letter and a rakhi to Emperor Humayun asking for protection. The Emperor who was in the middle of another military campaign; on receiving the letter and the Rakhi immediately rushed to protect the queen and her kingdom.

This festival is a symbol of the affection and unconditional love between a brother and a sister.

Today, on this occasion we wish you all a very happy Rakhi!!!!




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