Remove the language barrier and communicate globally!

We provide a wide range of translation services to meet all your language needs.

Document Translation

We bring what you say and how you say it from the page to the global stage. With huge linguistic network and a wide range of languages covered we provide document translation services for all your needs. Translation of documents usually requires more than simply translating the text from one language to another. Our service also includes:

  • Quality Assurance (QA) of the translated documents
  • Localization of graphics
  • Glossary and style guide development to ensure consistent translation across all languages

Your documentation no matter the document type, format, length or target language will stand out not only due to its accuracy, but also due to its branding and consistent voice. Attention to detail is essential in translating documents. We help you as per your requirements. Nothing’s easier than to contact us now.

Machine Translation

Machine translation is a cost-effective, quick translation option to deliver accurate translation with a reduced budget and with a faster TAT. For large-scale multilingual document projects, eLanguageWorld offers post editing solutions that adds a human touch to machine translations. Our trained linguists complement machine translations by improving the output to the quality you require. Our machine translation consulting service evaluates your content and environment, estimates the potential for success, and recommends and/or implements solutions. We can help you by combining it with professional editing to produce fluent and accurate outcome. We help you if you have a term of glossaries/terminologies to be used in your document. We are here for all your needs.

Editing & Proofreading

A wrong space or a mis-spelling can lead to different meanings. We believe in accuracy and exactness! Proofreading is available as a stand-alone service. A linguist will verify all spellings and grammar and make corrections where needed. We apply our quality procedures in the same manner that we approach any project. We are aware that when looking at translated documents, one linguist’s opinion may differ to another, and neither will be incorrect. Our proofreaders will look at the target style you want to achieve and simply make the document accordingly. We can help you edit and proofread your translated document. 

Certified Translation

Sometimes you are asked to submit the translated copies of documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers, academic certificates, medical reports, regulatory documents etc. But the translated version is not all you need, it needs to be certified. In some countries, a freelance individual can apply to become a ‘certified translator’ or a ‘sworn translator’, adhering to set standards and guidelines laid out by their government, therefore reassuring customers of a quality level that they can trust. Some organisations may refer to this as ‘sworn’, ‘affidavit’ or ‘notarized’. We provide all of these services, working with solicitors and notaries who are authorized to provide this accreditation – please discuss this with us and we can assist you by providing the required level of authorization.


Glossary and Translation Memory

Why actually is the need of a glossary ? Industry terms from all over the world differs, using a translation memory gives consistency and enables linguists to use vocabulary that has been used previously, it may contain your unique brand words and corporate messages. This glossary and terms can be built up over time and can be used for later translation work. Nothing can be easier than to contact us now.